White Sugar Skull with Sunflowers
White Sugar Skull with Sunflowers
Mesa Dreams

White Sugar Skull with Sunflowers

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🌻💀 A special edition of our classic sugar skull earrings! White stained with sunflowers and wildflowers - the perfect Day of the Dead earrings for this Halloween season!

✿ This is a Made to Order listing; please allow time for its creation. Just view the Shipping & returns section for view our current production turnaround time! :-)

.............✿ Measurements and Attachments ✿.............

Each leather earring measures just over 2.5” tall, not including the ear wire and a hair over 2” wide.

The handmade ear wires are made of pure hypoallergenic niobium.

............................✿ Leather Care ✿...........................

**** Super important info to know****
Leather is a natural skin and is not waterproof.. All my pieces are coated in a water-resistant vanish that will keep it safe from the occasional drop here and there but please, do not immerse in water for any length of time. The leather will absorb water, warp and the stain will wash away - repeated exposure to water eventually rots leather and weakens it to the point it will snap with any pressure.

Just like your leather jacket or shoes, over time you may want to condition the leather and reseal it.. there are many great leather care products on the market, plus you can take it to a shoe repair shop and they will freshen it up for you! Soon I will be offering leather conditioner and varnishes in the shop for at-home upkeep