♥️Are you currently taking pre-orders or customs? 

We are absolutely accepting custom orders, we love working with you guys!  🙂  Get in touch with your ideas and we'll see what's possible!

 ♥️What do you charge for shipping?

First class shipping within the USA is Free! Upgraded shipping and international shipping are available and are calculated based on your address, on the cart page. 

♥️What is your production turnaround? 

Turnaround times vary depending on the piece.  Currently many smaller leather pieces, like earrings, are a week turnaround, but larger work varies, depending on the piece.  If you do have a question about timing, please do get in contact with us and we'll let you know for sure what we can do for you with our current workload!  :-)

For Ready to Ship pieces, we will have it out the door usually within 24 hours as long as no shipping address verification issues arise👍

♥️Do you make watchbands? 

Absolutely, I make them for about all watches, especially Apple, Fitbit, Samsung and more.

♥️Do you make belts?

You betcha. They are totally custom made with your size and design, just message and let’s talk details!

♥️Do you sell in person?

Nope. I’m a shy hermit and I like to hide in my comfy studio. Meeting in person would be awkward for both of us. 🙈🐢

♥️How do I care for my handmade leather pieces?

👉👉Why isn't your leather waterproof?👈👈

All leather is a natural skin, it retains moisture, gets dry and can warp and crack without proper care.. Just like us ;)

For our tooled and painted vegetable tan pieces we use only the best eco & health conscious finishing products - eco-flo environmentally safe stains and varnishes. These varnishes are water-resistant but by no means waterproof.

For any of our pieces, remove before bathing, swimming, showering or hand washing. if your piece does happen to get a splash on it, blot it dry with a soft absorbent cloth immediately in order to lessen any adverse affects, then condition.

On all pieces, I add a conditioning creme to keep it supple and flexible. This is a wax based polish that really helps protect the piece from the elements.

You will want to condition your pieces over time as the coats I've applied wear away. You can use conditioning cremes like Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner to keep your pieces supple and to rejuvenate them... This cream is a combination of natural and synthetic wax emulsions (with bees wax) and does an amazing job!

Please make sure to inspect the leather, clips rings and buckles on your camera straps and belts for signs of wear and tear with use and age.


👉👉Leather FAQ (please read)👈👈

~Leather is a natural skin and can vary greatly
~Each piece will have it's own unique grain - some have very little to no noticeable grain, other pieces have tons! Your piece (unless it's the ready made one in the photo) will vary from what you see in the listing.
~Leather stains differently. The same stain can be used on 10 pieces and come out in 10 different shades. They will all be similar but there will be slight variances in shade.
~Sometimes a natural, unstained piece looks completely smooth and solid but when stained, patterns can emerge - showing maybe 2 different colors, kinda like the way a Holstein looks...
~letters are hand stamped, one by one, they won't always be razor straight but hey, I like it that way! ;)
~our vegetable tan leather is finished with a water-resistant varnish, it is not waterproof! Please remove leather jewelry before showering, bathing, swimming and washing your hands. Leather can warp and over time, some stain can wash away.
~Every piece comes wrapped and boxed with colorful labels, as well as info and care instructions.
~Follow along on Instagram to be alerted to special coupon codes, be the first to see new designs, enter giveaways and more! @mesadreamsleather
~I'm always imagining, so are you.. let's see what we can come up with together!

👉👉Leather CARE ::: Super Important:::👈👈

Leather is a natural skin and is not waterproof.. All my vegetable tan work is coated in a water-resistant vanish that will keep it safe from the occasional drop here and there, but please, do not immerse in water for any length of time. The leather will absorb water, warp and the stain will wash away - repeated exposure to water eventually rots leather and weakens it to the point it will snap with any pressure.

Just like your leather jacket or shoes, over time you may want to condition the leather and reseal it.. there are many great leather care products on the market, plus you can take it to a shoe repair shop and they will freshen it up for you!

♥️Do you accept Exchanges or Returns? 

All sales are final; we do not accept returns or exchanges, except in some instances we've outlined below:

If your product is not the item that you ordered - if we goofed - we will replace it immediately! Just let us know as soon as you notice the error. (Errors include spellings that differ from what you wrote, the wrong color or a size that is different from what you requested) If the item cannot be replaced for any reason we will offer you a credit in the shop or a refund.

If you ordered a custom item and measured incorrectly and it just doesn't fit, we are sorry but no refunds or exchanges are possible. Please make sure to measure twice, we will as well! :)

*** Items can not be returned because of water damage or mishandling. Please read our Leather FAQ and CARE info on this page. Leather needs to be treated with care - it will cut, rip, fray or warp with rough handling.

We have a 60 day window from the ship date for any issues that might arise with your order. If you have a question about the status of your package in shipping - please bring your tracking number (if available) to your local post office for assistance. We cannot replace lost or stolen packages.

♥️Do you ship internationally?

Yes! All customs charges/costs for buyers outside of the USA will be solely the responsibility of the buyer.

**I will provide an accurate description and value on the customs form. Please do not ask us to misrepresent the cost of your goods on customs forms to avoid fees, this is illegal and we will only list the true and accurate amounts, not including shipping.

If you are having us ship to a PO Box outside of the United States, please include your phone number in the checkout notes, as we have to include it on the postage label.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to ship to the European Union.


We reserve the right to refuse and cancel a sale. This is not something we would do lightly, but there are situations where we simply cannot complete a sale due to a conflict with our values as artists, e.g., a request to copy someone else's work, and we will always let you know why. We will of course refund you in full in that situation. Thank you for your understanding.