Purse Gallery

💜A look at many of the purse, tote and wallebag designs I’ve made. Most of the images below are also links, you can click the images to be taken to videos of the bag on my instagram page! This is an awesome way to get a better view, inside and out!💜

Vintage 70s Style Purses

Handmade leather purse
Leather crossbody bag
Leather backpack

Hobo Bags

Leather hobo bag

City Tote - medium tote bag

Leather Tote Bag Leather tote bag
Poppy tote bag Mandala Leather tote bag

Full Sized Tote Bags

Leather tote bag

Unique Shaped & Sized Bags

Leather Purse
Leather satchel Gnome purse

Wallebag Wallet/Purses Combos