Mesa Dream House

Djerek and I bought our first house in early 2023 and we’ve been working on fixing up this neglected 1950 Cape Cod day in and day out ever since! We’ve been sharing lots of videos, laughs and yes, tears in our stories on Instagram. Thank you guys for giving us so much advice, camaraderie and more over these past months. It’s made it all so much more fun to navigate these stressful and exciting times! 

Many have asked if we have a way for donations to be made in support of the house and its many repairs, renovations and general fixing up. That blew us away and took time for us to sit with the thought of it - as our sole income, Mesa Dreams Leather has been slower than usual this year and we’ve started spending so much time (and money) on Betty, our little blue house - we finally decided to open up a Venmo account for any who want to contribute. We are truly grateful for all you do, it’s been such a ride so far! 

We’re sending you the biggest warm hugs and so much love,

Brandy & Djerek