Preorder - Monica’s Apartment Pinwheel Earrings
Preorder - Monica’s Apartment Pinwheel Earrings
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Preorder - Monica’s Apartment Pinwheel Earrings

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I’ve been watching Friends since it first aired, I was 15 and it’s still something I watch regularly to this day. Chandler was my crush and I wanted to be Phoebe but I have always squarely been Monica in reality. The style of her apartment has influenced me all these years to when I rewatch the show now, I see little things that I adore, that probably were imprinted on my subconscious as a teen. The happy face mugs, the vintage pedestal sink in the bathroom, mismatched dining chairs, but most of all, the paint colors! I’ve painted 3 bedrooms lavender over the years and our dining room is turquoise. As I was coming up with color palettes for these pinwheels, and yes, watching Friends - it hit me - I need a Monica’s Apartment version! The yellow of the scroll peephole frame to the purple living room and turquoise kitchen - these earrings are an homage to the glue that kept everyone together! Wear them while you use a mini dustbuster on your vacuum or yell “I know!” at someone - you can’t go wrong!  

👉These earrings measure just over 1¼" wide by 1.5" long, not including the ear wire. 

👉This is a Made to Order listing

👉Choose your ear wire: Copper Niobium or Sterling Silver!

👉How do I care for my handmade leather pieces?

👉👉Why isn't your leather waterproof?👈👈

All leather is a natural skin, it retains moisture, gets dry and can warp and crack without proper care.. Just like us ;)

For our tooled and painted vegetable tan pieces we use only the best eco & health conscious finishing products - eco-flo environmentally safe stains and varnishes. These varnishes are water-resistant but by no means waterproof.

For any of our pieces, remove before bathing, swimming, showering or hand washing. if your piece does happen to get a splash on it, blot it dry with a soft absorbent cloth immediately in order to lessen any adverse affects, then condition.

On all pieces, I add a conditioning creme to keep it supple and flexible. This is a wax based polish that really helps protect the piece from the elements.

You will want to condition your pieces over time as the coats I've applied wear away. You can use conditioning cremes like Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner to keep your pieces supple and to rejuvenate them... This cream is a combination of natural and synthetic wax emulsions (with bees wax) and does an amazing job!