Custom Wristlet for Jaqueline
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Custom Wristlet for Jaqueline

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This is a reserved listing, thanks so much!

Current production turnaround time is up to 2 weeks from order to ship, transit time being in addition. 

👉👉Why isn't your leather waterproof?👈👈

All leather is a natural skin, it retains moisture, gets dry and can warp and crack without proper care.. Just like us ;) 

I use only the best eco & health conscious products - vegetable tanned leathers and eco-flo, environmentally safe stains and varnishes. The varnishes are water-resistant but by no means waterproof. In order to get the permanent, water-proof finishes like you have on shoes, jackets and the like - we would have to use a toxic stain and finish that you can't even buy in California. It causes Cancer. Boo.

So, we create a totally safe product that just needs a bit of your love and care. If it's a piece of jewelry or pet collar, remove before bathing, swimming, showering or hand washing.. if it does happen to get a splash on it, allow it to dry fully, don't wipe or rub it.

You may want to condition your pieces over time, you can find wonderful conditioning cremes like Tandy's Leather Conditioner to make your pieces supple and rejuvenate them... This cream is a combination of natural and synthetic wax emulsions (with bees wax) and does an amazing job!